Vanity Saddle Bag

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? I saw yesterday in the boutique in the tan color and I can't get it out of my head. I had just come in from the Chloe boutique across the street where I went to see the Marcie bag so I had equestrian-style bags on the brain.

    If you have it, how do you like it? The leather seems so different to everything else RM does.
  2. I wish I had something to add...this bag is super cute!!! Perfect for Spring & Summer!

  3. I adore this bag, too. I ordered it in the grey and loved it, it's kind of a "waxed" leather - really beautiful and a great size. The leather looks like it could be a little delicate (wouldn't want to get caught in a rainstorm, I don't think!). I unfortunately had to send it back because I was having dueling handbag loves at that moment :P but it was really beautiful. I think the tan color is really gorgeous as well, it catches my eye whenever I see it.
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  4. I had one in brown, but I returned it because the capacity was too small and the bag got too heavy with my items inside. I love the leather, it's glossy, Super soft and buttery. I've seen the display models at nordstrom and the leather is already broken-in and the bag was slouching.

    It's gorgeous though, I definitely recommend it. The leather is surprisingly gorgeous and one of the best kinds of leather Rebecca has released in awhile.
  5. I love this bag but it seem too big on me, I'm about 5'5", I found mini Skylar fits me a lot better, same style just a lot smaller.
  6. Yes, I know this is an older post, but I have a nagging question that I've yet to find an answer to: how do you ladies clean your Vanity bag? Mine is the glazed leather & it's black, probably won't need a clean I g for awhile, but I'm prepping for the future! What about protecting/waterproofing the glazed leather? Besides an old Everyday satchel (which I have never needed to protect or clean), this is my only other glazed leather RM bag.
    Thanks, ladies!
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