Vanity PM or Cannes?

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  1. Unfortunately your best bet is to get yourself on a wait list - I'm currently on 2 wait lists, not 100% I want to buy yet but that's likely the only way I'll even get a chance to see the bag. I had to provide both CA's with my credit card information which they keep in the safe and only charge when your turn comes in line (they didn't charge me ahead of time with no guarantees whether I'll get it or not). The Calgary list had 5 people when I joined, I'm also on a list with unknown number of people at the Toronto Yorkdale location. The Vancouver Fairmont location has ~15 people (I'm not on that list).

    You can also try to check the website periodically to see if they'll become available online. I don't understand why the inventory in US & Canada are so scarce when it seems to be available everywhere else.

    I'm hoping that when I go to Greece in 2 months, I can find it still available in Athens. It's too bad my DH and I decided we aren't going to Aruba this year, there is one currently in the Oranjestad store....
  2. Silly question, do the stores sell the pochette Metis strap separately? I love this bag, but would definitely need an adjustable strap option and wasn’t sure if stores sold them by itself. Thank you!
  3. The stores used to sell the metis strap seperately thats how I got mine years ago. But I don't think they do anymore. however there are other seperate straps LV does sell like the bandoliere ..
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  4. I have both and love th equally.
  5. Just received my Samorga organizers for both Vanity pm and Cannes. A perfect fit!

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  6. That’s great. You’re bags are gorgeous. Between the two which one would you pick if you had to buy only one? Which one is your favourite?
  7. Hmm, well I just got the vanity pm and haven't had a chance to carry it out yet (ie social distancing lol). The Cannes holds more, is more structured, and the top handle is a bit bigger so fits on the crook of arm better than vanity. Both are great collector bags and are different enough which is why I got both!
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  8. I personally love the vanity case bc of the reverse monogram. I do like the Cannes too far as resale value, I’m thinking maybe the vanity case will be better at least for now? GL!
  9. I agree - the Cannes is more readily available now (Available online and in stores ) so resale is probably less. The vanity is still a hot hard to find item, however over time my bet is it will be readily available too.
  10. I think you’re right. I can’t get a straight answer on whether this is permanent or LE. I’ve been told seasonal but my experience is LV deems things seasonal if they don’t intend to keep it around forever but don’t know when they’ll pull it either. For example in 2018 I was told the creme Clapton backpack is considered seasonal. Nearly 2 years later it’s still readily available.
    I remember when this Cannes was released it was hard to find too. Now it’s available to purchase all the time.
  11. Looks great! How did you attached the strap?
  12. Can I ask why you sold your duffle? Looks like a gorgeous bag
  13. To be honest, I just got bored of it. I wish I bought the one with the blue leather. At that point, I was sick of seeing the monogram. Too much monogram in too short of a time span. A few months ago, I had also bought the boite chapeau souple.
  14. Far enough.