Vanity PM or Cannes?

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  1. When I tried the vanity pm at the store, I also did try with reverse PM strap. It goes very well on days if I don’t want it to be too dressy with the gold chain. I also own the thicker adjustable mono Bandouliere strap. I can see many options for this bag to change the look. Generally speaking, I do think this bag works for me also because I’m about 5’1. The crossbody isn’t too high n shoulder strap length is perfect with original gold chain.
  2. I am 5'2'' as well and this bag hits just at the hip for me crossbody. i love it.
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  3. Thanks for the pics! Surprisingly I actually like the vanity better with the Bandouliere than the original chain/leather strap the bag comes with even though everyone seems to say how amazing the chain/leather strap is!
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  4. If you change your mind I think more will come around. It may seem very HTF right now but the bag was just released last month. There is another version from the FW2020 show so this style may stick around for at least another season.
  5. I hope so too. My CA said it's not orderable anymore and that it'll be difficult to get more but we shall see. It seems to only be limited in North America and there are a number of stores with it in stock in Europe.
  6. I talked to a few CA’s and they didn’t seem to think it’s that limited, they think more stock will come but who knows.
    If I don’t end up seeing it here I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to when I go to Europe in a couple of months.
  7. It is more comfortable with the bandouliere strap and i receive more compliments with that strap looking way better then the chain one. Good luck! Loving mine and it carries my essentials for use as a daily bag.
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  8. I picked up my vanity pm just 2 days ago and I am contemplating on returning it. I was surprised how small the bag was and how short the strap was as well. I'm 5'0 and it only works as a crossbody if you're not wearing a thick coat. I also considered the Cannes but it sticks out too much on my body. The Cannes is more beautiful though I agree. My SA said that there might be versions of the vanity pm and whatever is in stock right now are the only ones left, they won't be making this version anymore. I don't know how much of it is true though. It's hard to make a decision when they tell you these things and I got it before the price increase. I was thinking of buying this bag in Europe 2 weeks from now but with what's going on, my family had to rebook the flight in August so waiting was not really an option anymore. Oh well...
  9. Here is my crossbody pic using trunk clutch strap 89E959DD-691B-463C-B043-D0F5CC639ACE.jpeg And with a chain extension 58B9BDCF-C3AD-4F19-AA5D-E97B13305659.jpeg
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  10. vilette, if you're not 100% sure then return the bag. I was in the same situation - I returned it and I have NO regrets :smile:
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  11. Same here, I was also surprised by its size and how short the strap was. Even wearing it on my shoulder didn't look right. When I tried it on with a different strap, the bag seemed to have lost its charm because part of its elegance is in the leather chain, and the feel wasn't the same with a regular strap. I had a moment of regret after declining the purse, but now I'm glad I didn't take the bag just because it's a hot item when it didn't look amazing on me. Don't rush on your decision though! Once you return it, it may be hard to get it back. You may end up falling in love with it.
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  12. One of the bigger stores in Canada just got the Vanity PM yesterday. It was available for a few hours according to online inventory before it disappeared I also noticed more stores in the US got the bag yesterday and there was availability throughout the day before some of them started to disappear.

    I seems like shipments of this bag are still making it out to the store. Illusion of scarcity strategy, perhaps - but no way to tell how many they made in the first place!

    I'm still hoping my store will get one so I can see it. If not, I'll see whether Greece has any left when I go in May. Otherwise, there was a version from the FW2020 show so I think this style will be here for at least another season. Might no get made, but the fact that it was in the show is kind of a good sign. Even though this all black version is plainer, I do kind of prefer this version since I have so many monogram canvas bags already...

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  13. Vanity on my petite frame 156cm
    Crossbody isn’t working with a coat

    FYI My boutique in Gstaad (Switzerland) has 5 in stock..
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  14. It looks great on you! I just got a bag with a 22” strap drop and it is JUST good enough for crossbody. This would have to be a shoulder bag for me. I’m 170cm large busted and likely couldn’t make it work cross body
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  15. I recently bought the Cannes and I agree it can sit awkwardly against any curvy part of your body (ie waist, hip, torso etc). If you adjust the length so it sits against a non-curvier part it looks good - on me I wear it long crossbody so it sits just along the front of my pelvis where it sits flat and straight.

    I too have been eyeing the Vanity pm. But I heard it was impossible to get so I recently bought the Nice mini to use as a handbag (see pic). But I find myself still thinking about the vanity pm because I’m not crazy about vachetta on the nice mini, and love the additional details on the vanity (reverse monogram, top handle etc..) but it is almost 3x more price-wise. Plus the vanity pm strap would definitely be too short for me to wear crossbody, so I would def have to switch out the strap but I have diff strap options (bandolier, PM etc). So then I don’t know if the vanity pm is worth the price if I’m not using the strap it comes with.

    I live in Canada - does anyone know how I can get a hold of the vanity pm if I decide to get one? It seems impossible.

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