Vanity PM or Cannes?

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  1. Agreed, agreed, agreed.

    Sounds like you don't really like the Cannes, so you should probably choose the Vanity PM.
  2. Here is a pic with the bandouliere strap vs the strap that comes with.

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  3. Thanks so much! Looks amazing!
  4. So I went to the store today to try on the Vanity pm. It's so much smaller than I expected, even though I have watched a lot of review videos and saw lots of pictures, I was still surprised by its size. Sadly the chain is way too short for me. I tried it on with different straps too and it still sits too high on me. I had to pass on it even though I love how cute and buttery soft it is :sad:
  5. Interested in your perspective. What exactly do you think it could happen with that attachment? There was a Chanel bucket bag that I had to pass because the piping holding the chain was cracking. It wasn’t designed to hold the chain and the weight of the bag
  6. What is your height?
  7. I'm about 5'5.
  8. I would put an extension chain ( just a plain gold chain) if I want to wear it crossbody, or use another longer adjustable strap. But so far i haven’t done that, as I probably only wear a bag crossbody when I go travel .
  9. Thank you! I am 5’2 and I wonder if crossbody is an option. Not sure if I want to chase that bag down :sad:
  10. I tried it at the store with the pochette metis strap and even at the longest setting, the bag is still a bit too high. I think it's because of its shape. The purse is short, so when it hangs high, the entire bag sits high. As opposed to longer bags where even though the top may sit high, bag would still hang nicely, not sure if I'm making any sense.

    I wish I had thought of the chain extensions when I was at the store. I think that would work. The purse has already been passed onto the next client on the list :sad:
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  11. It’s ok then, just wait for another bag that catches your eye.
    I grabbed the vanity pm because it was in my plan to buy the Nice Mini, when I saw the vanity pm that is similar to Nice mini, but with shoulder strap , mixed with reverse monogram and black leather, I couldn’t waited anymore .
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  12. Ok here is the duffle, which I had. See the side the bag where the crossbody strap attaches? It is attached to the vachetta which is on the canvas. The bag can get a little heavy because you’re concentrating the weight in a small amount of space. With the leather reinforcement the weight will not tear the canvas. This is a sturdy well made bag.
    Now look at the point of attachment for the vanity, on the side. It looks directly attached to the canvas, no reinforcements. With some weight I have concerns that it will tear the canvas. Now maybe there is leather reinforced on the inside of the vanity which would ameliorate my concerns somewhat. But without seeing additional leather reinforcement at the point of attachment I would not feel confident it could withstand my regular usage. I don’t carry that much - phone, small wallet, mini pochette, keys, sunglasses, remote. But that’s enough to give it some weight.
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  13. Totally makes sense. Same thing with the speedy b I would say. Thank you so much!!!!
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  14. You are welcome. Some people carry virtually nothing and also maybe don’t use it much. I use all my bags as regularly as I can and I don’t like to worry about stuff like this. So certain bags based just on practicality of design are a non-starter for me, no matter how cute.
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  15. Agree 100%. I decided I will not spend money on bags I can’t use. Or if I have to worry about it all the time. Thank you again!
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