Vanity PM or Cannes?

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  1. I bought a Cannes a few weeks ago and my CA just called and said she has a Vanity PM for me at the store! I can only keep one though - which one would you pick?

    Some points to note:
    - Crossbody is a must for me. I know the chain on the Vanity isn't long enough for everyone. I'm slim and am 5'5 tall, not sure if it'll be long enough?
    - resale value is important
  2. I've watched a few videos and the chain on the Vanity PM is closer to 19", I think, despite what LV's site description says. I'm 5'7" and short torsoed so don't need a chain to be long to wear things crossbody but even that is too short for me I think. On many videos I watched on YouTube, the Vanity PM is wearable as crossbody but will sit very high up. It looks like the handle would get in the way for such a high crossbody.

    I really wish LV had done a better job attaching the top handle on the Vanity PM. Most photos I've seen, if you plan on carrying the bag by the handle at all (which I would, I love hand-helds) it tugs on the top piece of canvas and looks not so good.
    It's not like the Cannes where the lid is rigid so no pulling on canvas.

    I'm still hoping to see it in person to make a decision, at this point unsure when that'll even be though.
  3. Personally, I prefer the Cannes. It’s a classic LV bag beautifully revived by Nicolas Ghesquière. I also like that it’s more structured.
  4. That's a good point about the handle possibly getting in the way when worn crossbody. Wish they had made a longer chain. I've seen photos of it being worn crossbody and it seems like unless you're petite, it doesn't look that great. But yes, I will have to try it on in person to decide!

    I think I'll need to try it on to decide.

    Not sure why
  5. Honestly I like the look of the Cannes more as well. I am just a bit weary about resale value as it seems very readily available both online and in store, whereas the Vanity probably will maintain its value for longer.
  6. I decided not to pursue the vanity case because I have concerns about the strength of the point of attachment for the cross body strap. If you look at the duffle bag, the point of attachment is reinforced by vachetta. THe vanity does not have that. The Cannes is too stiff against my body for my taste. So I would pass on both.
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  7. Cannes with stick out in an awkward way due to its rounded shape. As it is more stiff

    I do prefer the vanity pm. Hardware feels more lux and the entire bag looks more classy IMO. I suspect the resale value of vanity will be better too.
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  8. Cannes was not readily available then when it first came out. The vanity pm is hard to find now simply because it’s novel and a lot wants to have it. I’m sure there will be more available later on once the hype dies down. So don’t use that as a basis for your resale... not unless you’re planning to resell it as soon as you got it for profit, etc.
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  9. I have the vanity pm and I use mine with my bandouliere strap that I purchased a while back to use with my pochette metis and soufflott mm. I receive a lot of compliments regarding how cute the bag is and that they have not seen it before. I am 5'5" and when I wear this bag cross body with the regular strap it comes with, it does sit a bit high but I still rock it!. It fits my daily essentials and love it!
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  10. That's a great idea with the strap! May I possibly see how the bag looks with your strap?
  11. Yeah I've seen photos of the sagging, though I don't see myself using the top handle much, probably only when I need to grab it quickly and then I'll probably put it right on my shoulder or wear as a crossbody. It does raise the question of whether the purse will age well though.
  12. I do love that the Vanity has got more add-ons, like the tag and the beautiful chain and at a lower price point. The Cannes seems more plain in comparison. Yeah I'm struggling with loving the Cannes to be honest. I love looking at it and think it's gorgeous, but not sure if I love it on me.
  13. That's a good point! Do we know anything about whether the Vanity will become part of the stable collection?
  14. I would just go with the bag that you like more, whether that's based on photos or seeing them in person. My advice would be to stop concerncing yourself with resale value. Unless you feel super confident in your fashion/trend skills, it can be hard to determine which pieces will hold their value in the long term. Plus, the vanity pm is a new piece. For all we know, it's going to be permanent and that will affect its value. Most seasonal pieces have the highest resale value within the first 6 months of release.

    Furthermore, if resale value is most important to you, you're better off purchasing some Chanel or Hermes styles, and even then it takes about 10 years to get the initial return.

    Between the two bags though, I like cannes more. I don't like it when bags have too much going on, and vanity pm to me has way more going on than the reverse mono cannes. The vanity pm is also a much trendier piece, so if you plan to have it for the long haul, know that the vanity pm has design elements that will fall out of fashion within a few years. Nothing wrong with getting a trendy piece, as long as you acknowledge that its "life" is shorter than a classic piece, and that its resale price will be affected by trends at the time of resale.
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  15. I'm liking the Cannes a little more
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