Vanity plate ...

  1. What does your vanity plate read on your car?
  2. Jnifr95
  3. I don't have a vanity plate, per se, but I do have a University of Central Florida license plate, like the one below. Go Golden Knights! :nuts:

  4. ^ Wow, $14 million for the number "1"? Good grief!
  5. I don't have one, but I love my cousin's IOUNTHNG (I owe you nothing). Can you tell she's independent and self reliant?
  6. Does anyone remember the 5MALL P3N15 one LOL?
  7. Yeah I wish I had that kind of change to blow on a 1....
  8. My dad used to have one that had the first initials of all five of his kids.
  9. Mine's not a vanity tag, but it's a "Pet Friendly Tag" issued by the state of Maryland. It has the word "PET XXXX" (my tag number) and at the bottom it says "Spay and Neuter" and there's a picture of a dog and cat.

    I especially love it b/c I've it so long now it's been transferred to my third car! And the number is really low as I got one of the first ones.
  10. ...I don't have one (yet!) but I might get one which is the stock ticker symbol of my company...if it isn't already taken, ha ha.
  11. Mine is a University of Arkansas plate, it reads 1SBA (it was just the random one I got)-- I translate that to One Sarah BadAss! :graucho:

  12. I wanted one like that when I was in FL but they didn't have them, at least not yet. I think they might now.

    I've thought about getting one but I can't think of anything I like enough that is 7 letters or less. I jokingly said I wanted a nasty word or two in court reporter language because only myself or other reporters could read it, but in reality I won't do it. I did consider PWEUFP (*****) or TPUBG U (f*** you). I've actually heard that there are a couple of court reporters with these plates out there!
  13. I just saw on the news tonight that a license plate reading "6" sold at auction in Delaware for over half a million dollars!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked: :blink: :wtf:

    I don't even know what mine says. It's a regular PA plate, starts with a "G," I think :shrugs:
  14. In Germany you can't really have vanity plates...But the closest that I have is my first 2 initials and the nubmers of my birthdate: