Vanity License Plates/Tags *share yours or others you've seen!*

  1. I love finding funny vanity plates when I am driving around. So if you have one and want to share it please do. If you've seen a funny one please post it!

    I used to drive an Audi and my license plate was AUDIOS. It is meant to be like ADIOS (see you later in spanish) but in an Audi (get it?) LOL

    My husband is buying me an Escalade this week (yikes!) and I am going to apply for the plate BOTWIN. If you've seen Weeds you'll get it!
  2. lol, that's funny ..... like the Audi one, kinda cheesy (no offense meant :p ), but really cute

    Here in Germany we don't really have Vanity Plates :crybaby: you can apply for certain license plates, but they need to have a certain format .... you always have your cities ID in there and only can the numbers/letters behind the hyphen, e.g. HA-ER 911 (which would be my license plate)

    Funny ones I've seen in the US and UK:

    - PB4UGO on a family van, absolutely hilarious :roflmfao:
    - M1A0UW on a Jaguar in London, loved that one, really cool
  3. Like Kittie said, you can't really get "vanity" plates here...The closest that I've gotten to vanity is mine, which is MT 607. MT for my first initial and last and 607 for my birthday (6. July) :smile:

    There's one car that drives around in Coburg that gets me every time...This is more crude humor, but I still laugh everytime I see it:

    CO - CK 69 :roflmfao:

    In MD I've see a few like "BK OFF", but never anything hilarious :smile:
  4. AUDIOS, thats cute :lol:
  5. Way long time ago, when these came out in the 1970's, they did not screen the plates and there were a few that were pretty risque. When I was very young I saw a woman in a Porsche with a plate that read: UPYERS
    A friend of mine had a 450SL Mercedes with a plate that read: RCHBCH.
  6. reminds me of that 'assman' episode from Seinfeld.. :biggrin:
  7. My car is a Limited Edition, hence the plate: LTD EDN

    Hubby has a Saab Turbo, so his plate is SVEEDY (get it?Swedish car that's fast)
  8. The one I can't ever forget on a Range Rover: HM ON THE

    (Get it? Home on the Range!)
  9. Years ago my vanity plate was SLOT-CTY ;) .I spent a weekend in Atlantic City an hit a large jackpot on a slot machine so I thought it was appropriate.That jackpot enabled me to pay cash for my brand new car.
  10. There's an archive on The Smoking Gun that shows lists of banned license plates (those are your standard C0CK and CO1TUS and things of that nature) in certain states and letters of complaint from other motorists reporting offensive plates.

    Those are the interesting ones. Who takes the time to write a letter reporting license plates?

    Sometimes, the motorist has to explain to the DMV that the motorist was wrong, and what they meant was not offensive at all. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    And if it's found to be offensive, the motorist is supposed to send the plates back and the DMV will send them new ones.

    What motorist would be stupid enough to send their plate back? If I were in that situation, I'd keep my old ones but put the new ones they sent me on my car.


  11. It's not so much the plate, but the person's handwriting (and the fact that she dotted her i's with little hearts) in the complaint letter.

    She could've made more of a statement if she had typed it.

  12. I love his explanation as to why GETN SUM is not offensive!

  13. I love it when people have colorful plates, but they're in a foreign language.

  14. This one is an unfortunate coincidence:

  15. This is the story of the GOT MILF license plate.

    A 25-year-old software designer filled in the form to request customized plates. GOT MILF was his first choice. Then SUP L8EZ ('Sup, Ladies?) then RCKSTAR (rock star)

    When someone requests a plate, they have to explain the meaning. He explained GOT MILF as "Manual Inline Lift Fluctuator," which he would later claim was some kind of automotive gizmo.

    GOT MILF was approved:

    Of course, the letters of complaint come in. The watchdogs explain what MILF really means and why it offends them and why it shouldn't be on that guy's car.

    The DMV sends him a letter stating that they've been getting complaints.

    He responds with:

    They don't accept his explanation because the possible meanings he gave did not match the one on his original form.

    His plate was cancelled. It was deemed offensive and he tried to decieve an employee of the DMV.

    He wound up changing his plates to read PUNISHR.

    (I personally liked SUP L8EZ.)