Vanity Fendi, a waste of time selling it on ebay?

  1. Hi!
    I bougth a pink vanity fendi a year and a half ago and i'm not using it at all.. Do you think that i can sell it on ebay or is just a waste of time and money because is a " old bag"
  2. photos please....
    it's never a waste of time, put a reserve on it just to make sure.
    good luck
  3. Yes, i agree, it's better to place a reserve on it. But I don't think you'll have much trouble selling it. I think it's a beautiful bag, but just a bit on the small side for me.
  4. Vanity Fendi
  5. OMG! that bag is ROCKSTAR! you don't want to keep it? The Vanity is def couture collectors item all the way. They were everywhere and now they are nowhere. I have the gold one and every time I rock that bad boy the compliments just roll in guys, girls, pets you name it!!!! How much were you asking for?
  6. There was a black vanity a week ago on ebay... BIN price was 550$... Unsold!!
    Retail price was 1250$ ..
  7. I tried to sell my on ebay and I started it at $400.00 and no bids.
  8. I just don't get why noone is bidding on those bags. what's wrong with them. Its roomy enough for a cell and stuff. The bag is Rockstar!! I don't get it. But, then again I have stuff on ebay that noone has bid on so, I can totally understand your frustration.
  9. SOOOOOOOOO many knock offs that it has de-valued the brand, that and I don't think people trust ebay sellers for authentic merchandise. I got burnt on Ebay myself, so I can only imagine others feel that way too. I'm with Janice, keep that bag girl, it's hot!
  10. Thanks Jo Ly, the bag is a collectors item. Its a work of art and given a few more years the new fashionistas will be looking for it. I'm seeing it now with the "Blondie" collection from Gucci.
  11. I love the Vanitys myself, but for the most part Fendi is like Dior in the respect that the ebay market is flooded with them and they sell for little, if at all. Good luck though!
  12. Personally, I love the vanity, and would kill for the nautical one released SS 06 (pic below). Unfortunately, it's completely sold out.

    I agree that all the fakes have devalued the vanity bag, but once ebay is clear of them, the value will rise again. We are seeing it in the YSL Mombasa bags as well.
    Fendi vanity nautical.jpg
  13. ooooooooooooh greendrv... that's beautiful!!!!!
  14. Greendrv that vanity is fierce!!! :yes:
  15. I know, isn't it? I keep hoping that it will turn up on ebay or in consignment shops. Sigh, just wishful thinking on my part!