Vanity Fair/LV magazine?

  1. Hello Everyone! I just recieved my Nov 2006 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. Included with this issue is a catalog/magazine LV presents its Icons....Did anyone else receive this? Best, aw
  2. oh wow...I don't have a subscription. I wonder if that insert is available on newsstands!
  3. I wonder why I didn't subscribe to this mags..I subscribed to every other mags..something to consider I guess..
  4. tell us more...please...I don't have the mag...
  5. Cool.
  6. Oops...Double post.
  7. This supplement covers 11 icon pieces, along with some very nice pictures, a blurb about the bag, and a little story. The back of the magazine has the names of 9 designers who are reinterpreting 9 of these icons, which will be on display at the Espace Louis Vuitton. The 11 mentioned monogram bags are the Wardrobe,Steamer Bag,Keepall,Speedy,Noe, Lockit,Alma, Bucket,Papillon,Amazone, and Porte-Documents Voyage.
  8. Off the topic but I noticed no LV whatsoever in my new Harper's mag.
  9. can you scan this for us maybe??:angel:
  10. For those in Aus who want a copy it comes with the Australian Harper's Bazaar NoV issue with Victoria Beckham on the cover.
    It's a nice suppliment, I'm surprised they put it in all the mags though rather than just having a few brochures in store. I wish they would do this more often.:nuts:
  11. I wish I could scan it....Unfortunately I put my foot thru my copier, and now need a new one. I was hoping someone on this forum may have it to scan? I am also wondering if it was only released with Vanity Fair, or other Conde Nast magazine subscriptions. Slayer, you just answered my question! Thanks!
  12. Attorney-Wife: are you in the US? Who is the cover of that VanFair?
  13. is this the new vanity fair with George Clooney on the cover?
  14. Yes, I think someone mentioned it before. I hope it's not only for suscriber
  15. This is the cover: