Vanity Fair Cancels Its Oscar Party

  1. Feb. 05, 2008 | 05:00 PM EST

    The star-studded bash is the latest victim of the writers' strike
    By Brian Orloff

    The annual Vanity Fair Oscar party is the latest casualty of the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. The magazine has decided to cancel its annual bash on Academy Awards night.

    "After much consideration, and in support of the writers and everyone else affected by this strike, we have decided that this is not the appropriate year to hold our annual Oscar party," the magazine said in a statement. "We want to congratulate all of this year's nominees and we look forward to hosting our 15th Oscar party next year."

    While the Grammy Awards received a waiver from the WGA [and the promise not to picket], it is unclear whether the Oscars will receive a similar waiver. Organizers say that the show will proceed either way, and will take place at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre, but some actors have spoken out to say they will not cross any picket lines.

    The threat of picket lines already gutted both the People's Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, though the Screen Actors Guild Awards proceeded thanks to a WGA waiver.

    The Academy Awards air Feb. 24 on ABC.

  2. man! the vanity fair red carpet was usually better than the oscars red carpet! :smile:
  3. movie companies and television networks need to give them writers their money!!
  4. so what happens if the oscar's are on? no vf party? boo!
  5. Arent the writers close to an agreement? That stinks, but I am sure there will be plenty of parties in LA LOL!