Vanity case with a sticky zipper


May 10, 2018
New York
I have a Chanel vanity case I love but the zipper is a bit fussy. What do you recommend I use to make it move more smoothly? I am nervous about possibly damaging the bag


May 11, 2019
In my experience, the zipper gets better with use ... the more you open and close it, the more it gets kind of broken in, if that makes sense. "Broken in" sounds kind of negative; I don't mean that in a bad way, though! Just kind of how leather shoes are sometimes a bit tight when you first get them, but after a few wears they soften & mold to your feet. My vanity zipper was a bit tight/tricky when I first got it, but with usage, it has gotten easier (and still looks brand new!). I've heard other vanity owners say the same thing -- I haven't heard of anyone applying anything or doing anything specific to address it other than just opening it & closing it regularly. Good luck!
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