1. Does anyone watch this? It comes on after Prisonbreak...the series just started last week. It's a really good show. Lots of twists in the plot.

    Here's alittle of what's it's about:
    Fox Broadcasting Company: Vanished

    If you haven't seen it yet, you should. I recommend's a great series.
  2. I tivoed it last week and watched the pilot. I really like it so far. I tivoed the episode from last night, so I'll watch it tonight.
  3. :heart: OT-I love your avatar..Jensen Ackles is soooo hott!!! And I love Supernatural thank goodness w/ the merge of UPN & The WB it survived. Can't wait till the permiere on Sept. 28.:heart:
  4. Yeah, another Jensen Ackles' fan :yahoo:He's the only guy I would consider cheating on DH with hahahaha :shame:

    Love his chemistry with Jared P in Supernatural :love:
  5. GALE HAROLD!!! That's the one that he's in~~ I love him as Brian Kinney in "Queer as Folk" and now I gotta check out this show too:nuts: