Vanilla's Secrets..!!

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  1. Hello :biggrin:

    WeLcOmE to my wOrLd :love:

    I'd LOOOOOVE to know your impression about them!!
    And if you told me what did you like most.. That'd be fantastic :nuts: !!

    I personally adore the jeans Fendi one.. and I am addicted to the Fendi dark chocolate small one..

    Now that you've seen them:shame: .. Do i have a future in taste? loool :lol:

    Thank you all in advance for viewing my showcase :amuse:

    Attached Files:

  2. wow really nice Fendi bags!!! :smile:
  3. I :love: the really big one you got....
    I have a thing for big bags. Just a shame that I´m 5,1. Having a big bag is like seeing a smøft with a coconut... :weird:

  4. I love all of them. Small bags are a favorite for me!
  5. Very nice collection
  6. Great collection!

  7. Thanks a lot Coach01 :biggrin:

    u reminded me<< like if she ever forgot:P my next buy will be coach :amuse:

  8. awww dont say that.. i believe light colored bags would look great:nuts:
    so go enjoy yourself with a new huge bag!! :idea:

    that big fendi is such a great one.. it survived the last two hostile years i went through, every day use and still looks like new!! :love:
  9. Thanks serendipity3kb :amuse:

    small onse are fun to carry.. at 24 :P i feel a teenager again!!
  10. Thanks xikry5talix :biggrin:

    hopefully it'll grow some day!! :smile:
  11. scarlett_2005 :biggrin: Many Many Thanks
  12. I loooove the large sac Fendi, it looks so cute and perfect for going shopping with !
  13. Thaaaaanks ayla :amuse:
    I went studying with it for two years :nuts: so i guess its time for this bag to get a life an go shopping with me :lol:
  14. Hehe, I never said I did not buy them ;)....Like my blue one, that one is so big to me, but don´t look the worse either when I use it... :smile:

  15. I'll tell you the story of each one..:love:

    The large Fendi one..

    I bought it for myself two years ago when i was in Thailand

    and i couldnt believe how it really went through all my days and survived my evil :Push: college books and note books :sick: for two long years!!

    i guess thats what you get for such high quality stuff!! ;)

    and now..

    and since it carries college memories (yuk!) :lol:

    i am thinking of getting my first coach (and second large bag!)

    and retire this one after two years of loyal service!

    ofcourse will take your advice and opinion on that sooooooon :love: