vanilla's little secret!!

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  1. hello sweet all :cutesy:
    would like to share my thoughts on using MAC flat sac bags as organizers!

    after almost one year of using them.. i can say I am craAaaAAaaAAaaAzy about them!! :yahoo:

    they come as a pack of three.. they are flat and almost zero weight!! i always wanted something light yet functional before i through my stuff inside my handbag.

    the large one i use during vacations..:beach:
    the med one.. as seen in pic.. ideal for large tubes or medicin..:yes:
    the small one (i dearly love!!) i use it as a make up bag! :tender:

    in my work bag.. i through the med & small one
    while here is a greaaaaat tip: when ever i carry a small pochette.. i use the small MAC to hold my make up and hand cream and small perfume so the pochette wont get any stains.. :cool:

    i found these ideal for me since they dont take space.. rather just hold ur stuff and keep things organized without adding weight to ur bag.. unlike normal make up bags.. :king:

    hope u enjoyed my little secret! :blush:

    pics coming up..
  2. small sac..


    med sac..


    family pic.. (u can see the large one)


    a pic of the med and small while stuffed

    MAC1.jpg MAC2.jpg MAC3.jpg MAC4.jpg
  3. wow great tip damdooomi :smile: thanks!!
  4. Thanks for the tip! I have to have them. I am in desperate need of organization in my bags. Thanks for sharing.
  5. ur very welcome dear all..
    OH MY GOD!! looool i just realised the mess i made! plz execuse the horrible spelling! :shame:
    *through = throw! :sweatdrop:
  6. i forgot to mention.. these are available at any MAC cosmetics counter that sells make up bags.. just ask for flat sacs :flowers:
  7. you know, i asked for a small makeup bag and they told me they only carried big box cases!
  8. Thanks for the tip and pics!
  9. hmmmm i think it depends on the counter/shop.. :yes:
    i got mine from MAC small shop at my local mall. :flowers:

    SilverSea your most welcome dear :biggrin: vbmenu_register("postmenu_2626915", true);