Vanilla Speedy!

  1. i KNOW I am totally drooling over it
    totally don't have the cash on hand right now though :sad:
  2. she is a beauty...
  3. I am totally watching that! Yummy. Isn't the seller a member here?
  4.'s so yummie
  5. She's gorgeous...and caannie is a great lady (she's a member of tPF).
  6. I'm working on it, ladies!! :smile:
  7. Go Traci!!!!!!!!!!!! You speedy :queen:
  8. It is gorgeous.......I'm wiping the drool off of my keyboard.
  9. I've got this on my watch list
  10. The seller is a member here- great gal! I am :drool:
  11. Looks like ice cream! :drool: *Liiiiiiiiiick!*
  12. Such a nice bag!
  13. Lovely.
  14. Ooh...that's delicious!
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