Vanilla Scented Deodorant??

  1. I am looking for a vanilla scented deodorant and was wondering, if you guys might know of any Vanilla scented deodorant that you could recommend?
  2. Secret makes Vanilla Chai scented deodorant. I haven't smelled it, but I use the Jasmine one and I love it. It works really well!
  3. ^ Thanks so much!!
  4. Love the Secret scents. I am addicted to the Coconut one.
  5. I have that Vanilla one and i love it ^-^
  6. I use this, and its very spicy and amazing smelling. More of a Chai scent than a vanilla.

    But I highly recommend it! :tup:
  7. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist has some vanilla in it I think
  8. i use the vanilla chai or vanilla bean secret ones. i like the chai's a bit more complex instead of just sweet.:okay: