vanilla epi jasmin on ebay

  1. it's very pretty! i can't buy it... someone else, perhaps?
  2. why, oh WHY can't it be lilac?!?!?! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  3. Do you have a link or auction#? Can't see it :sad:

    edit: Found it :yes:
  4. 160033864323
  5. i don't know why but the seller said that the hardware was silver but in the pictures it looks gold to me. and in my jasmin it only has a patch pocket no cell phone pocket on the other side.
  6. I have bought from this seller before and my piece was authentic~:yes: I don't know about the cell phone pocket...:sad:

    but I totally can't buy anything at the moment...have already spent too much on LV for my birthday :sad:

    I hope someone from here gets it!
  8. any takers?
  9. I love the vanilla...I want to get something in that color eventually. :yes:
  10. I don't see a cell phone pocket on it? Do you think she made a mistake in the listing?
  11. Yes, it's a mistake in the listing -- the jasmin doesn't have a cell phone pocket.

    The vanilla color looks really yummy, makes me want some ice cream!
  12. Sandra, you still haven't found your lilac Jasmin yet? I hope you find one.
  13. I love the vanilla color.....someday soon I will get my hands on a vanilla speedy. And what is all this about lilac!!??:nuts: I had no idea lilac was made in any LV bags....time to add to my list.....
    Edit: O my Gosh!!! Just found pics of the lilac and wow!!! That is the most gorgeous color!!! What genius decided to discontinue lilac(I have been trying to figure this out with vanilla, also.)?
  14. just wondering when was the vanilla released? and that's the new dust bag right?