Vanilla epi - is it hard to match?

  1. Hey all!

    I've fallen in love with a vanilla epi croisette on eBay...but I've never seen this color IRL. I was just wondering, if anyone's seen it, how easy/hard is it to match with different outfits/colors? I've read it looks like a nice cream, I've also seen it described as a pale yellow :confused1:...I am quite confused!

    Thanks for any help! Yes, I am ENTIRELY an LV newbie, more or less!:P
  2. i actually love the color...i think its the best epi color they came out with. I personally own a vanilla epi wallet, but the bad part is, it gets dirty easily, so i rub it with lotion to get the dirt off.
  3. it's more cream/ivory than light yellow to me :yes:
  4. oooh...cream...does that make it a "winter white"? Like a white that's off-white enough to use during the winter?
  5. I think any hue/shade/tint (whatever it's called!! :lol:) will go with ANYTHING. Off-white is a good name for the Epi's such a beautiful color! Probably my favourite epi out of all!
  6. It's definately not stark white. It's creamy, so yes.
  7. It's a creamy white color. Beautiful color!! Wish they didn't discontinue it....
  8. I thinks the color is very easy to match..may be just like azur line..either way I love this color..Mas will show off her vanilla epi speedy soon..
  9. I was crazy about the vanilla when I saw it online...and then I went on a hunt for one...and when I saw it wasn't the right shade for me.

    I love beige and whites (most my bags are those colors) and honestly the vanilla doesn't do it for me.
  10. Creamy Vanilla... does that make anyone hungry? he he he =P

    I wish I had more experience with this color, for sure - it was before my time with LV... I have seen it once in real life, but that's it.

    The girls have some great thoughts above! I love it! =P
  11. I think it looks like the color of vanilla ice cream if that helps with the color.:drool:
  12. Okay I am hungry now! :smile:
  13. I think it matches well in general cause it's a neutral color IMO.
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