Vanilla Bean...

  1. Here is Vanilla Bean at 5 weeks, awww
    doggies 001.jpg doggies 009.jpg doggies 010.jpg doggies 011.jpg
  2. Awwww!!!! So adorable!!!!!!! :love:
  3. Sooooo cute!!!
  4. Vanilla Bean is such an adorable name for such an adorable pup!

    I want a puppy. I am envious. I am happy for you.
  5. Adorable :smile:
  6. So cute!!!
  7. :love: What kind of puppy?
  8. Her momma is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua and her daddy is a chihuahua. I have had three successful litters, all sooo cute. I don't have any pups available this time around.
    Here are pics of Mocha and Chino (mom & dad) and Latte (big bro).:heart:
    doggies 004.jpg working on the pool (3-17-2007) 052.jpg working on the pool (3-17-2007) 055.jpg
  9. What a CUTIE!!!

    Vanilla bean is an adorable name! :smile:
  10. A cute name for a cute dog :heart:
  11. So cute!!^-^
  12. Adorable!! And I love the name, it fits perfect! :heart:

    We have a Chi, not only is he the best cuddler...he's the drama queen of the family. :biggrin:
  13. yes, I know what you Chino is a mess! He barks and howls at me when I am coming home and he doesn't stop even when I am in front of him, shush-ing him. He gets over-excited!:nogood:
  14. LOL, just like my boy! He gets so excited when I come home he does circles. Does your Chi like to burrow under blankets, throws, pillows, etc? I thought I had heard it was a Chi thing but I'm not sure. Tito is always hiding under something on the couch. I've almost sat on him a few times!

  15. Yes! And he makes grunting, growling sounds when he tries to bury himself, I think it's because they are so small that they can't regulate their temp. very well. Like babies....