**Vanilla Bean in recovery, thanks for your prayers

  1. Thanks everyone for going through this trauma with me. Vanilla Bean is doing alot better. She took a pretty hard blow and now we have to watch her to make sure she doesn't have seizures. Her little baby blues eyes had traces of blood in the whites of her eyes from the concussion. She is starting to play a little more now. She is 6 weeks and weighs in at a whopping 2.6 lbs.
    I love her......:heart:
    doggies 010.jpg doggies 011.jpg doggies 001.jpg
  2. THANK GOD!!! Im so relieved for you. WHEW....
  3. Oh good, glad to hear she's doing ok. She's an absolute doll!!
  4. She's too pretty to be hurt...I'm glad she's recovering. Give her lots of love and cuddles. I have a picture of my Buster when he was 6 weeks and 2.2 lbs with his plushy bear...adorable!!
  5. Thank God she is okay!!! I know it was an accident before, but please be extra careful with her now! Poor baby :sad:
  6. I am so relieved the little angel is okay!

    Vanilla Bean is in my prayers!
  7. so cute!!! Give her lots of kissies!