Vanessa with the Kooba Ginger

  1. Vanessa Minnillo ( i think that's her name??) with the Kooba Ginger, looks nice IMO.
  2. It looks great on her!
  3. a picture i saw of her carrying it (not one of those, it was a short while before it was recognized as a kooba) i saw a pic of her waiting for her luggage at a baggage thingy (what are those called those things that go around with your luggage on them,,, haha i cant remember)

    anyway :smile: she was at one of those and i saw it and FELL IN LOVE and then found out what sort of bag it was and had to have it that exact color, and now i do and man it looks amazing!! :smile: even off vanessa!
  4. Yes, I have this bag too. :yes:
  5. That bag does look great! I wasn't in love with the bag at first, but lately I have seen it on several people and it looks awesome! If I can find a good deal on one, I think I will have to bite.
  6. Looks great on her!!
  7. It is on sale at, that's where I got mine :yes:
  8. Thanks, Cheekers! Heading to to check it out. There was a gold Ginger on eLuxury a while back, that I wish I had snagged. I have to remember ... buy first; decide later!