Vanessa Williams stars in Daytime Divas - Based on Satan's Sisters June 5th - Vh1


Aug 26, 2011
Main cast[edit]
  • Vanessa Williams as Maxine Robinson, the creator and lead host of the daytime television show The Lunch Hour. She is one of the greatest personalities on American television and mother of Shawn[8]
  • Tichina Arnold as Mo Evans, one of the co-hosts[9]
  • Chloe Bridges as Kibby Ainsley, one of the co-hosts and rival of Maddie[10]
  • Camille Guaty as Nina, one of the co-hosts[11]
  • Fiona Gubelmann as Heather Flynn-Kellog, one of the co-hosts[12]
  • Kristen Johnston as Anna, the Maxine's former assistant and current editor-in-chief of a great magazine, who wants to expose the truth about the behind the scenes of The Lunch Hour[13]
  • McKinley Freeman as Shawn Robinson, the producer of The Lunch Hour and Maxine's son[14]
Recurring cast[edit]
  • Norm Lewis as William Tomas, the doorman of the channel, who knows the most ladies' darkest secrets[15]
  • Patti LaBelle as Gloria Tomas, the mother of William, which also hides some secrets[16]
  • Debby Ryan as Maddie Finn, an ex-host of The Lunch Hour and rival of Kibby, who wants to return to the show[17]
  • Eve as Cecile James, a bestselling author of books about alpha women who wants to become a co-host[17]
  • La La Anthony as Isabel Carlisle, a crisis management expert hired by Maxine to help handle a situation in the behind the scenes[18]
  • Tasha Smith as Portia Camden, a popular lifestyle guru and the ladies' counselor[17]
  • Niko Pepaj as Leon, an ambitious producer[19]
  • Ness Bautista as Andrew Weller
  • Sarah Mack as Ramona