Vanessa M's Leather Jacket?

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  1. i like it and the bag too....anyone know what kind of sunnies those are?
  2. Her sunglasses are Tom Ford.
  3. #4 Jan 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    thanks! do you know what style she is wearing?
  4. All the rest of the info on the outfit is on except the coat. :sad:
  5. Might be Mike and Chris. Their leather coats are really popular with the celebs. They usually look like that, short and leather.
  6. If it's not, trust me that brand has one very similar, but you have to dish out like 800 bucks or more (regular price) for one.
  7. One more thing lol, Michael Kors usually has cheaper jackets , unless you dig into his most expensive line, and his jackets are just as good or cuter. He's one of my fav designers for jackets and shoes as far as the top designers go. Not my fav for bags though.