Vanessa Minnillo's Red Bag

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  1. This is a cute bag. Does anyone happen to know who makes it?

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  2. She also has one in white. I would like to know too!
  3. I might be wrong on this, but a few years ago when Gustto started out, they had the Gustto city sola bag... and the details on that bag are very similar to the details on this bag.

    Maybe it's gustto??
  4. Agreed, the little straps that hold the one big strap down look a lot like the ones on my Gustto. The buckles are similar too.

  5. Damnit, I've seen this bag before in another thread on another celeb, but can't remember who it was by. So cute.
  6. thank you bet!! That is such a cute bag! Now I'll have to search for that designer! I bet we won't find it though - if Rachel Bilson was photographed w/it back in December, I bet it's an older style. Hopefully, it's a recurring one!

    Thanks again!
  7. Good eye, betnyp! That's definitely the same bag. I can't believe how close the buckles are to the Gustto!
  8. THANK you!!! I knew I remembered seeing it and it was bothering me!
  9. Maybe even YSL?
    Looks like a bag my mum has, shall ask her hehe.
  10. Wow.. good eyes there. Still looks gustto to me, though. LOL ;)
  11. lovely bag!
  12. This bag is so cute! Went perfectly with her outfit!

    Here's Vanessa in Life & Style magazine.

    BTW I LOVE her sunglasses! The ones she's wearing in the OP's pic. :tup: