Vanessa Minnillo's "Flirt" Cosmetics

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  1. "Finally, the new FLIRT! line of limited-edition cosmetics by Vanessa Minnillo is available to the masses! We've been waiting for this day ever since we heard the buzz back in March and saw the video of her FLIRT! photoshoot in April. The collection consists of two eye shadow palettes ($15) and two complementary lip gloss Duos ($13.50). Vanessa chose her 'go-to' favorite color families—bronze and purple—as the two color options for her collection. The first eye shadow palette, Chic Bronze includes four shimmery and creamy shadows in the brown/nuetral family. This goes best with her Squeeze Me Lip Gloss Duo Mulberry Marvel/Sweet Soiree. The second eyeshadow palette, Party Purple is made up of four warm pink and plum shadows which look super flirty with Squeeze Me Lip Gloss Duo in Berry/Pink Champagne!"


  2. Eh can't stand her! Sorry if that offends anyone.
  3. same here but hey, at least her hair looks nice lol
  4. wow jessica #2??
    nick cant get away from dumb girls this 1 is super crazy that whole knife thing with lindsey lohan
  5. lame! i'm not even a Jessica fan, but this is just too copycopy. I mean.. Flirt even rymes with Dessert. st00pid!
  6. She's not that pretty. And it's funny how she has her own line of cosmetics when her own make up looks like a white mask over her face. Look at the close up. You can see her actual skin just before her hairline. Bleh.
  7. Not a fan of Vanessa, or her atempt to become an A list celeb
  8. hmm, these pictures remind me of something...

  9. They are not nearly as nice as I expected. Kind of "blah". I'll be passing on them.
  10. exactly!!!


  11. ^^
  12. ITA
  13. FLIRY has been at kohls forever and the colors are rather nice, the set was on sale last week for like $12.50...
  14. Yeah she's just part of the campaign. It changes every season. Last season it was Serena Williams. One time it was Mila Kuniz. I like the lipglosses.
  15. Not a fan of hers AT ALL. but she is pretty..umm maybe beacuse I am a brunette.
    She is so hungry to become an A lister, we'll see..