Vanessa Minnillo shopping in shorts in Beverly Hills (05/25/07)

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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
Vanessa Minnillo Tells Us How To Look Good In Short Shorts

As the host of TRL, an ET correspondent and the girlfriend of a pop megastar, Vanessa Minnillo sure is a busy gal. But when BONGO JEANS asked the former beauty queen to be the new face of BONGO for Spring 2007, the self-proclaimed denim addict (she owns hundreds of pairs!) couldn't say no — especially when she saw some of the clothes she'd be wearing in her very own ad campaign. "These shorts are special," she told me at her sexy BONGO photo shoot, where she tried on cropped cardigans and comfy soft knit tanks, skirts, and shorts—some really SHORT shorts. "I have no bum, but these give you a nice little booty." Ok, Vanessa, but when it comes to those teeny tiny shorts, booty isn't everything—how does she keep her legs so long and lean? "I'm not gonna lie, I do go to the gym. But honestly, you just have to find time to be active," she told me. Then she picked up a downright adorable pair of canvas pumps with red patent leather heels. "But if you want these legs in these shorts? These heels will help," she said. Spoken like a true pitchwoman. —Kristen Mascia
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Feb 5, 2006
the forest dim
Perhaps she should show us how to look good, because that's a horrid horrid outfit there! but, she's getting paid to wear it... might want to go a size up though because it looks like something is about to eat her shorts! lol tsk!


Need More Closets
Dec 24, 2006
my house
I don't know why she bugs me so much but I find her super annoying. She's beautiful, but something about her just doesn't bid right with me.
Nov 23, 2006
why exactly is she famous again? dating a C list celeb? working for that lame TRL show? ET news corresp.??? I mean really.

who goes out in public dressed like that?


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
Spain & France
I think Vanessa is a very good-looking. Can't put my finger on why she comes across as insincere. I don't know her personally and can't judge someone I don't know, but something just isn't right IMO:sad:
May 8, 2006
i dont like her either? she is definitely one of the celebs where i can't understand what happened to make them so famous. so she can read lines off the teleprompter on TRL and talk to audience members? good for her i guess?

that photo is horrible and her outfit is definitely not attractive.