Vanessa Minnillo In Times Square.

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  2. Cute outfit!
  3. She's so pretty. And she used to sleep with my future husband Derek Jeter. Lucky lucky girl.
  4. I like her, hope she makes Nick happy.
  5. I like her top. she looks cute
  6. definitely a cute outfit, but never really found her that attractive.
  7. her top is by C&C...cute outfit,but i'm not a fan of her..
  8. She looks cute!
  9. team jessica right here.. vanessa is pretty but jessica is HAWT
  10. so this is what a rebound girl looks like!
  11. I think she looks really good. Nice outfit!
  12. I think she is so cute and I love that outfit. She seems more down to earth than Jessica.
  13. I don't really think she is that cute at all
  14. Mine also. :wlae:
  15. Ditto!:throwup: