Vanessa Minnillo - Bongo Jeans advertisements - Summer 2007

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  2. She is gorgeous! Thanks for the pics.
  3. she definitely gets points for having a beautiful/ healthy looking body... major kudos, she glows!
  4. She's looking good!
  5. I love her! Shes so hot but still cutesie...Wish I looked like her.
  6. She looks good, just wish the pictures didn't have such an "airbrushed" look.
  7. i love her!
  8. she looks cute but not stylish...
  9. They look too airbrushed...just ok to me
  10. I still like Jessica better. I really don't know what Nick sees in this girl.
  11. She's cute. I always pictured Bongo being for teenagers and I'm just not too thrilled about the image about how girls should dress. I'm probably too old fashioned.
  12. Oops! Double-post!