Vanessa & Kobe Bryant

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  1. i was reading on that vanessa bryant wife of nba laker kobe bryant abused the maid . vanessa bryant forced the maid to stick her hand in a bag of dog poop as punishment for putting a $600.00 shirt in the washer . im sorry i had to start a thread on this couple she is a mean hatefull person . vanessa bryant is rich and good looking why in the world would she be so mean . i hear story after story of how she treats people .
  2. she looks like a cold hearted woman. I heard that the maid is suing the couple. Hope she wins
  3. I dont like Vanessa she looks like the Devil in real life!! UGH!!
  4. this is not the first time she has been a ***** to someone
  5. When I think about her, I think about a woman who didnt have the guts to leave a man that disrespected her in the worse way. All the stories I have ever heard of her, makes her seem like a cold hearted person with no self respect.
  6. they're both a hawt mess IMO
  7. ^ Agreed.
  8. I agree with Swanky! Both of them-bleh!
  9. And until she acts this way to the wrong person, it wont' be the last. She and her husband deserve each other.
  10. I agree. Vanessa is known for her attitude, cursing anybody, and everybody out.......
  11. I hope the day comes when she meets her match.. and mouths off to the wrong person.
  12. I don't care for either one.
  13. I thought the nanny had to shift through the poopy trash to retreive the tag of a shirt. Anyway, my old college roommate went to highschool with Vanessa and said that her mom was like a pimp, trying to find any rich man to marry her daughter. When you are raised like that, your morals are jacked up.
  14. I just remembered this. I was in LA a few years ago hanging out with my friend and her family. Well my friends sister starts telling us how Vanessa and her mother go into her tanning salon and how Vanessa is such a sweet and straight arrow kind of girl and how Kobe fell in love with her when he saw a picture of her and just had to meet her. Then me and my friend looked at each other with a stunned look and then my friend said something about Vanessa being a video hoe and that that's how he really met her. The lady was so shocked that she spilled her wine everywhere.