Vanessa Hudgens with Miu Miu...what bag is this?

  1. Does anyone know the style name of this bag? I am obsessed! :love:

    Thanks, Ladies!!
  2. It's the Miu Miu bow satchel!! I love that bag!
  3. Yes, this is Miu Miu bow satchel, and this style has a few other colors. If you search this forum, there are quite a few threads talked about this gorgeous bag.
  4. Gorgeous bag! Can't decide on the bows though~!
  5. Yup, it sure is!!! This is going to be a classic design with seasonal colors. Currently the F/W07 is the grey color. Black is the everygreen color that's always available. This design is a hit with the Asians. There's a way to wear the long strap shorter by looping over and attaching both the clasps on one end of the loop. Hope this makes sense.
  7. i assume this is the large size?
  8. What a very pretty bag.

    I haven't seen it much on the streets,but I'll be hunting females who carry it!!

    Me likey!!
  9. Thanks Ladies! I'm on the hunt now... :smile:
  10. ^^ check Saks i've seen the bow bag there recently.
  11. It's the sm (formerly the med as they no longer make 3 szs) The large is a lot taller.
  12. It's the regular/smaller size.

    Like this one:

  13. Just to confirm then -- Vanessa's one is Allumino? Ahh, I just want to double-check since some stock images of the bag in Allumino seems darker than it does in her pictures. :p