Vanessa Hudgens - Sweater + Scarf

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  1. I LOVE cardigans and long sweaters & this one paired with the scarf is SO cute. How does this girl always look so put together yet relaxed? And why am I envious of a HSM teen's wardrobe? UGH lol. And lastly ... WHY is she always getting Starbucks? I wanna mail her a coffee maker.

    Anyway... Sweater (or any similar-looking ones) pleeease!!! TIA!!!


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  2. ID on the boots too? Thanks!
  3. looks like an hermes scarf??
  4. Kinda looks like the Liv Cuff Boot from Frye's. I think?

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  5. I really like her style.....she looks cute here. I'll have to pull out one of my cardi's and give it a whirl!
  6. Her cardigan was from abercrombie back in 2007 and her boots are the miss sixty dance boots :smile:
  7. Hey Sparkly... I see u added the JJ Winters and the LP Dylan bags to your collection. How do u like them? I was thinking of getting those too, as always. Those boots are cute on her.
  8. I have the gray version of that sweater. It is from Abercrombie, and it was just on sale for 19.99 in the store. I got it two weeks ago. They also had striped ones. I don't see it on the website anymore though. I am pretty sure this is same one, although I never saw that color when I bought mine. They were pretty picked over. It is a great cardigan though. You should call an Abercrombie store.
  9. They also have some similar sweaters at Ruehl (a higher line of Abercrombie) and on sale!!! I got mine (in dark gray)for $39.99 and the quality is great! :yahoo:

  10. Well my jj winters is a preorder is is due in the next 2 weeks so ill let you know, and i havent received my LP yet but its on its way so ill let you know about that too :smile:
  11. Thanks Sparkly... I always look forward to your update and pictures! :P Yay!
  12. thank you so much for the quick ID's! no more online at a+f? boooo!!!
    im going to ruehl's site now! :smile:
  13. just kidding. apparently there is no site for ruehl's?
  14. The boots are bliss boots.