Vanessa Hudgens style! Where can I find..

  1. the grandpa sweater is actually from abercrombie from fall 06 i believe, i have the same one as vanessa
  2. I don't know about the sweater or shoes, but I love her B-bag. I like Ashley's bag too! It's sort of hard to tell what the flats look like. I am sure you could find lots of pairs that look similar in a variety of price ranges.
  3. love their style!!
  4. The cardigans are both from Abercrombie and were from last winter's line... I have them in camel and brown and just wear the hell out of them. Ironic, I got them on super sale - $29 each!
  5. I wear my sweaters too! the AF ones are VERY warm! I'd try looking on eBay since they were out last year. Though grandpa sweaters are being made by everyone again this year!
  6. Thanks ladies! I think Ill go shopping tommorow!
  7. Vanessa's Gold Flats Are By Miu Miu.