Vanessa Hudgens Necklace I.D.

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  1. Bump!
  2. I would love to know as well!! I love all of her necklaces!
  3. can anyone id her ankle boots? pleasee :P
  4. Id love to know who her top is by tooo!!!! ID please
  5. Her boots are by Joie they are in the mushroom color.
  6. Not to worry virgo!
  7. the chains look different on btoh necklaces? :o
  8. The triangle and cross pendants are manufactured by Eastgate Resource of London:
    and are distributed in the US by Starlinks.
    The triangle is the "Triangle of Abraca".
    If you want to buy them in person, they appear to be available
    exclusively at Wiccan stores, so if you have one in your neighborhood....

    The chains are a mystery. She seems to have two,
    one about 30" and one about 36". They are gold
    "long & short" style chains. There is a gold flat
    disc bead or clasp, surrounded by what appear to
    be grey rice-shape pearls. Who makes this kind of

    The bales at the top of the pendants have been
    changed out for a larger size allowing them to
    slide over the pearls.