Vanessa Hudgens' Embossed Stephen a fake?

  1. I may be biased considering Vanessa and her man-chin make me want to wretch every time I see her, but I honestly don't recall the embossed Stephen ever coming in this odd orange color. Is it a fake or am I just insane?

  2. You know i was wondering the same thing. I didn't recall it coming this color, but i wasn't sure so i didn't say anything
  3. Yeah it came in ivory, this color (called fauve) and a dark gray. I'll see if I can find my printouts of them.

    ETA: attached is where it appears on the printout.
  4. Yup, her bag is real and the color did exist like stated above. :tup:
  5. does anyone know the retail price?
  6. man-chin???:confused1:
  7. Love That Bag, Would Love The Ivory
  8. I'm not a stephen fan but his color is Gorgeous!!!
  9. Well, it's nice she got a real LV. I remember spotting a fake MC pochette in those nude pics of her.
  10. I adore the bag as well. Esp in the Ivory
  11. great bag!
  12. :amazed: Never saw them...
  13. Very much real!!!

    embossed Stephen.jpg IMG_0937.jpg leap Stephen.jpg
  14. man-chin HAHAHAHAHAH

  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: For some reason, that staement cracked me up