Vanessa Hudgens Balenciaga Bag??

  1. When i click on your link it won't let me see the pics.:sad:
  2. I can't see it either, but it's probably the Cafe Brief. She has that and I think a black city with GGH.
  3. Me either! :confused1:
  4. oh no!

    ok does this work
  5. ^^^ yup Cafe Brief for sure... its gorgeous isnt it?

  6. yes i love it.

    i thought it might be a brief but wasn't sure. thansk for the answer :smile:

    what other colours does this come in
  7. I have the same bag and i love it (see my avatar). :tup:The Brief comes in every color of the season.:yes:
  8. The Brief sure looks good...Vanessa also looks divine with her Mastic GGH City!
  9. Very nice,and nice blouse too !!

    Congrats to U Nanaz,gorgeous bag!!!
  10. Thank you so much. :smile:I am in love with mine.:love:
  11. That was a great shot of the brief. Nanaz I know you must LOVE that shot!

    I can't believe her tassles have split already!
  12. You are right Karen, i love that shot. :yes:Acctually i saw a similar blouse at Banana Republic the other day.:graucho: My tassles have split too and i love the look of split tassles.:tup:
  13. Sorry a bit off topic but her nail it Chanel #219 - Black Satin?? The latest trend in nail color?
  14. I am always concerned about the tassles... :sweatdrop: !!!