Vanessa Hudgens bag vs. Hilary Duff's

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  1. Hi! I like both these bags --- they look almost identical though. Can anyone ID these bags and let me know if they are the same? TIA!!

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  2. Balenciaga!
  3. are they both balenciaga? which bag do you like better?
  4. #4 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Hilary's has regular hardware but vanessa's has giant gold hardware. I think Vanessa's is the part time. not sure...
  5. They are both balenciaga. Hillary's has regular hardware and VH's has giant gold hardware. I personally like the regular hardware as it is more classic. However, I think GH looks good as well.
  6. Oh I see now -- Thanks so much everyone :smile:
  7. both balenciaga. hilarys bag is cuter imo.
  8. Both are Bbags. I personally like Hilarys better
  9. i agree hilary's wins :smile:
  10. I guess I'm the minority, because I prefer Vanessa's bag. I like the giant hardware better.
  11. I like them both. I think Vanessa's stands out more because of the giant gold hardware. I would rather have Vanessa bag but with SGH instead.
  12. i like both.
  13. Hillary's. the gold on Vanessa's looks a bit tacky.
  14. I love the giant hardware so I vote for vanessa!
  15. Both are beautiful. The giant hardware is gonna be heavy though, but I think it adds that extra bling to the bag.