Vanessa Hudgens at Australian Hairspray Premiere (09/10/07)

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  2. She looks ecstatic. I wonder if she's faking it, considering the scandal that's going on right now around her. Then again, maybe she's happy since the whole ordeal will probably end up boosting her career...

    BTW, I like her Chanel flap. :yes:
  3. So I guess the rumor that she was fired from Disney isn't true. Does anyone know if there will be an HSM3 now that this all happened?
  4. She looks so pretty!
  5. I liked her long hair, shes a very pretty girl.. not so much in her naked photos but now she is lol
  6. Yes, there will be a HSM3, they're still negotiating.
    I think she looks great in those pics.
  7. She looks nice.
  8. She looks so beautyful!I liked her from the first moment I saw her.