vanessa hudgens - anyone tired of her yet?

  1. Just seems like she exploded onto the scene so fast from HSM and the nude pics....really kind of feels like overexposure to me. And that's how so many young teen celebs end up going down the wrong path...anyone else agree with me? (I don't dislike her, just kind of tired of seeing her everywhere when she's only done a limited number of projects)
  2. I agree with you:yes:
  3. i don't find a single thing special about her. she's middling attractive at best, there are SO many cuter girls that i see on the street on a daily basis. she's certainly not all that talented.

    and honestly, i thought her boobs looked a little wonky in those pics.

  4. ITA:lol:
  5. ITA. Thats kinda how I feel about ashley tisdale as well. there everywhere. I stated this somewhere else, is it just me or does anyone else think its weired that ashley tisdale is 22 but looks and acts 14?
  6. I was tired of her the moment she came out. She lucked out with being in HSM but I really don't see anything so special about her that warrants all the attention she's getting. The only thing that put her on the map was her nude photos being leaked.
  7. Yes - you're right.
    Guess with a good publicist you can get a lot of exposure
  8. Not really. I wasn't into HSM when it first started, I thought it was cheesy and that was before I watched it. Then I got into it and liked it. I guess I'm in the minority.
  9. Lol I'm really weird then, I'm 22 and quite similar to her. :p
    Also, it's not weird that there's that age difference, remember when people are cast into roles, they need to be more mature (i.e. Dawson's Creek and the OC...those actors were supposed to be in high school when in reality, they were in their mid to late 20's).
  10. She's 22?!? Oh my gosh, I was thinking all this time that she was 18. LOL. I'm the opposite. I'm 18 but people tell me I look 20 something. I suck with the age thing. She just looks so young!

    Well back to VH, yes, I'm pretty tired of seeing her everywhere. I'd like to see what happens to her career when she "graduates" from High School Musical.
  11. I tried watching HSM but Vanessa and most of the other kids' 'acting' irked me so much I switched channels LOL. I'm sure Vanessa would not be as 'popular' if it weren't for her premature nude pix.
    BTW, words in ' ' are said with extreme sarcasm
  12. I'm soooo tired of her. I don't see nothing special about her. HSM is good for 10 year-olds (like my cousin who's enjoying watching it) and I really don't see a reason to make such a huge and talked about star of her.
    So really thanks so much for this thread, because I started thinking I was the only one who's fed up with her.
  13. All I see is a young girl whose private life should be left alone. I have not seen her in any movies etc. so not tired of her, just not interested either.
  14. I think that Vanessa is one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood right now (and there arent that many)

    I never watch Highschool musical and I only know her through the tabloids. but she has such a sweet face. If I ever have a daughter, I want her to look just like her. lol
  15. I like Ashely way more than I like Vanessa. Ashley is a better role model and seems like she is on the right track.

    I still cannot beleive that Vanessa took those pictures when she was like 15...just seems like she is a little lost in the craaazy world of Hollywood.