Vanessa Bruno "Lune" bag?

  1. Anyone heard about it? Profiled in Nov. Vogue. Know where to find pictures or buy?
  2. Are you talking about this bag?

    Picture from: BrownsFashion

    I also saw this picture of Kirstin Dunst carrying it:

  3. That's it!!! And Dunst is a big Bruno fan, so double yeah.

  4. That's a gorgeous bag!
  5. pretty bag!!! i love the leather look! is it as pretty as in the picture?
  6. I am new To This Forum---posted An Inquiry Qbout The Vanessa Brono 'lune' Bag--and Do Not Know How To Access Any Rplies!!!
    Love The Site---but Do Not Yet Know How To Navigate It!!! Help!!
  7. I now have a new lemming... :P I had a business meeting with some clients, one of the is an elegant French lady and I always admire her bags. Today she had a lovely off-white, slouchy tote, a little reminescent of the YSL Downtown but of shorter body. It was not new, the leather had that lovely worn quality that only good bags get. So I had to ask her, and she said it was Vanessa Bruno!

    After a few internet searches, I realized this is the Lune bag. There are a few on French eBay, but none of the sellers will ship outside France! :crybaby:Does anybody know where I might get this bag online? I think it will be difficult to find a boutique selling Vanessa Bruno in my country...