vanessa bruno bags?

  1. Hey. I am considering buying a vanessa bruno bag. Does anyone own it or have any opinions? Do you think its a really good every day bag?

    Its the Lune leather bag. I cant move the pic in here, but if you go to and then go to vanessa bruno collection fall winter and then to accessories, its the 11th bag they show in like a redish color. Thanks
  2. I love the Lune bag (and so does Kirsten Dunst, apparently).
    It seems like a great every day bag, although I would see it irl before you decide.
  3. Yeah. I think so too. I did see it in every day life but its at a store where I HATE the salespeople. So I dont want to go back until I am sure that if I like it again I am going to buy it. Sounds stupid, but they are the WORST. Unforuntatly they have great stuff and are on sale now!
    I cant find a picture of anywhere. Do you have any? Maybe one of kirsten dunst with it? Would love to see it in action. Thanks
  4. i found the pic of it![​IMG]
  5. Finally received my "Lune"...I have been coveting it for a while!!! I LOVE hangs just right and is big enough but not too big. I adore simple, slouchy bags and this one is perfection- such an elegant design...
    Here are a few (sorry- not great) pics...this color is called Encens (Incense). I would call it Taupe-y grey:
    VB1.jpg VB3.jpg
  6. ooh it's lovely :biggrin:
    but do u know if i still can find the taller one?
  7. Hey seahorseinstripes! Thanks for the kind words about the bag...I actually responded in the other thread that I was mistaken (and sorry :smile: because I hadn't checked dimensions and this was the smaller version...
    I'm not sure where you can find the tall one, but I returned a "Terracotta" one this size to Shopbop if interested. (I ordered two so I could see colors IRL and I'm glad I did b/c the one I'm returning is more brown than rust and also I had no idea what color "Incense" would be- it looked brown on website, but like I mentioned is actually a grey-ish Taupe).
    I'll keep an eye out for the taller one, though!:flowers:
  8. Betty, that is one beautiful bag and it looks great hand carried or over the shoulder.

    Is it difficult to put it over your shoulder?
  9. thanks for the info betnyp :smile:

    this really looks good on u :smile:

  10. ^^^I guess what I'm asking is "Is it a tight fit, or does the slouchy-ness of the bag let you throw it over your shoulder easily?"

    Does that make sense?
  11. Makes total sense and it's not a tight fit at is the perfect shoulder drop- easily thrown over shoulder, but short enough so that I don't feel awkward carrying it by hand or on forearm, KWIM? :smile: :smile: :smile:
  12. Dang! I read that and it just sounds too perfect. I had stopped lusting after this one b.c I thought the handle drop would be too short. Now I'm not too sure....

    back on the shortlist it goes.
  13. any ideas on where to find this bag? :confused1:

    It looks great betnyp! :yes:
  14. Thanks betnyp! I'll keep my eyes out for it...

    really chic bag.