Vanessa & Ashley dissed for not being Britney Spears..

  1. Where's the love for Disney? High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens got none from an employee working the drive-thru of a fast food joint after she discovered that they weren't Britney Spears. The pop wreck is notorious for her late night runs for junk food and apparently at least one worker must believe it is only Britney that warrants attention.

    Vanessa and Ashley were out before New Year's doing a bit of shopping and decided to take in an area Mickey Dees for a fast food run through the drive thru window. As it goes for the two girls they are surrounded by paparazzi as they pull up in a Range Rover.


    The paparazzi help the two young starlets place their order at the window when the employee finally realizes that she wants to be on television as she is fortunate enough to be surrounded by the paps asking her questions. As Vanessa and Ashley giggle though their order the worker shots "Put me on TMZ!" referring to the nightly show that is syndicated and broadcast on many local Fox stations.

    The employee answers some questions from the paps but eventually ends up being disappointed when she learned the mega teen stars she was about to serve were Hudgens and Tisdale. "Oh God, I thought it was somebody like Britney," she says in a dismissive tone and then mentions the now notorious Hudgens photo scandal.

    Video of event -
  2. I don't know if it's just me....but what is with celebrities trying to hide their face all the time....I mean I'm sure it gets annoying to be followed all the time, but duh...going through a Mickey D's drive thru....what do you think they're going to do????
  3. Ashely Tisdale not only looks like a puppy dog (animal like features) but I find it hilarious that this 22 year old acts like a 15 year old! lmao

    and unfortunately Ash and Van are not superstars as the gossip media hypes them up to be.
  4. I don't know if anyone else noticed,

    but the lady at the window asked if she wanted a drink, and ashley replied with no thankyou.
    Then when they picked up their food they got given a bottle of aquafina.
    Must have got if for free..
  5. I would take it as a compliment for not being like Britney...she is a train wreck!!
  6. these two get on my nerves hardcore. i don't think anyone over the age of 15 really gives a crap about them.
  7. i don't know what I really think about these two yet.....
  8. Hmmm I don't really care about those two girls very much, but I think it's funny that the worker yelled about putting them on TMZ.
  9. I actually like them both..:shame:
  10. ITA!!!:lol:
  11. I saw that video. That employee was hilarious! I loved when she asked "Wasn't she butt nekkid somewhere?" and the paparazzi guy said no.
  12. ^hahahaha..I agree...the employee was amazing!
  13. She wants to be all over TV and what not serving food?

    I love the way she acted though. I don't know why those two are still famous.
  14. OMG.....Ashely Tisdale is 22????? No way! I'm 22!!!!!!! That would be like ME being on a Disney show......unbelievable!
  15. Sad that they'd rather follow trainwrecks like Britney instead of *nicer*, more down to earth people like these two.
    I'm a HSM fan, and I'm 22 lol. I guess I don't get why people think it's so weird that the HSM people played roles of younger people when those on The OC, Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill etc. have all done the same.