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  1. This show starts on January 7. Who all is tuning in?

    Does this mean Lisa won't be on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore?
  2. Ughh this looks like a Jersey Shore/Real World spinoff. It looks like Lisa isn't even the focus of the show!
  3. Looks dull to me.
  4. I have no interest in this at all. I really like Lisa but could not care less about that silly staff and their immature antics.
  5. I have no interest listening to more 20 somethings kvetch about their love/sex lives.
  6. Too bad Lisa isn't the focus of the show...I don't want to watch 20-somethings in regards to their love life...
  7. Yeah it looks boring. The little snippet preview thing that they had on rhobh last week was painful enough for me.
  8. I figured I'd suffer through the first episode to give it half a chance. That's still TBD though, haha.
  9. Nah, won't be watching.
  10. So far, not enough Lisa! I worked in 2 restaurants in a 12 yr period. Everyone sleeps with everyone, nothing new there. Thankfully I didn't work in LA with all these fameho wannabes.
  11. Stassi is insufferable. And I can see my former college roommate, who was a REAL New Orleans debutante (queen of four parades, maid in like eight... Lol!) throwing popcorn at her TV.
  12. Is Sur as exclusive/hot as they are portraying it? Never been to L.A.
  13. I doubt it. Who wants to go to a restaurant where the owners and staff are more interested in being filmed and becoming famous, than they are in their patrons?
    I'll spend my hard earned cash, at a restaurant where my money, and patronage is appreciated.
    I'm not interested in filling a seat, so they can promote themselves.
  14. Lisa is on WWHL tonight, I love her more and more,such a quick wit. Somebody asked her on air if SUR did drug testing. Lisa replied if they don't we give them one- LOL! All in jest, but that's more of what I was hoping to see on the show, mor laughs, less made up drama.
  15. My son works back of the house in an "happening" restaurant in Chicago. I find it hard to believe the owners let the help hang out in the bar. They are really strict on that kind of thing in his restaurant. Help can eat there on their days off, but they have to make arrangements well in advance. No loitering/drinking in the bar. It just seems so unprofessional, distracting for the paying customers.
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