Vandal punches hole in a Monet in Paris

  1. This just makes me so sick... preserving pieces of art like this for generations to see has become a joke to some people that vandalized it. :tdown:

    Via International Herald Tribune

  2. What a despicable, pointless act!
  3. Does someone find it funny? Is it the new way of paining on a building?? I just don't get it.
  4. White Night and a Rugby match? No wonder - a mixture of irreconcilable cultures.:cursing:
  5. what a stupid idiot I hope they catch them and throw the book at the that painting has been through wars and god knows what else only to have this fool ruin it
  6. How horrible!
  7. There are no words. What sort of a cretin does that?
  8. :wtf:
    Isn't there a guillotine in Paris somewhere that could be put to good use?
  9. The sad part is if they catch the vandals, they will probably get a slap on the wrist in France....
  10. I'd ask the vandal which hand he used to punch the painting. Then get that guillotine.
  11. What a horrible act. This is a one of a kind piece and it cannot be replaced.
  12. :lol:

    Words truly escaped me when I read this. What an oaf.
  13. There's a BIG difference between drunkenly peeing on something and breaking into an art museum and punching a hole in a priceless artifact!

    Did the conversation start with, "Hey! Know what would be cool?"