vancover mulberry bag

  1. b1d3_3.jpg hi i am need help i have done a bit more reserch and found out the name of my bag its called a vancover dose any one else have one and do you know how much they are or were going for thanks
  2. Hi. I have seen this bag in the outlets. The last time I was there (just before Christmas) I saw it in olive green and I think they had it in oak and chocolate. I'm sorry I can't remember how much but I'm pretty sure it was around £250, although it may have been less.
    Your best option, now you know what it's called, is to ring the outlets. They're at Bicester Village, York, Cheshire Oaks and Shepton Mallet. Shepton has the biggest stock so I'd start with them. Hope that helps.

    Forgot to say, they'll do mail order and will post to you if you can't get to an outlet in person.
  3. its in vintage kenya leather
  4. thanks for your help and information dose it look real to you as i stated i am new to all this and i am now addicted i have just bought a lovely pink marc jacobs purse to go with it my husband has said i am mad and need to stay off the internet as my spending is getting out of controll it's not that when he is booking track days and parts for his pressious bike i have decided a woman needs a hobby to not just looking after the kids and working hooray i have got one now that costs the same as his thanks again girls :heart: