Vancouverites a Birkin!

  1. Today I was in the Vancouver store.
    They got a 35 Birkin Togo Hermes Signature orange in Palladium! It went out this morning!


    Thought I'd pass it along.

  2. WOW!! That's so rare! OK, I hope when I go back to Vancouver, I can have a birkin sighting at the store too...fingers crossed!
  3. OOOOOoooo, now, there's some incentive for a trek north of the border!
  4. It's still there I presume.
  5. Any idea of the price?
  6. sounds pretty....any takers yet?
  7. oh....i was in the boutique last Saturday. I saw a lady playing with it and I thought that was her order. Looked like the lady was going to purchase it!!

    Oh Elizabethk, I just missed you by one day!!
  8. Pooh pooh, next time I'd PM you when we go to YVR again. Maybe we meet for coffee....did you try that Orange one on?
    OH come on tell me you did!;)
  9. I think it was 9000. I was too blinded by the color to soak in the price.

  10. No....I did not try it on coz it was not displayed!! :sad:
  11. And yes, please PM me next time when you visit Vancouver!!
  12. I think it must have been sold - a fellow PFer and I were in there shopping last Thurs and no Birkins to be found