VANCOUVER: whats it like??

  1. Hi everyone! I am currently living in Montreal, and my boyfriend and I are considering going to study at UBC in Vancouver next year. I would like you all to tell me everything there is to know about Vancouver; from people that have visited to people that have lived/live currently there. Hows the shopping? Hows the nightlife? Crime rate, is it dangerous? Things to do there, scenery, etc. basically EVERYTHING!! Ive never even visited, but I plan on visiting before choosing to live there, of course! TIA!! :smile::heart:
  2. Anyyyyone??
  3. I live in Seattle and have visited Vancouver. It is a 2.5 hour drive and another 1-2 hour wait at the border. It feels like a European city to me. There are a lot of cool neighborhoods. I think the Chinatown is as big as the one in San Francisco. Overall it looks clean and the people are polite and friendly. I like that it appears to be integrated...and with lots of different cultures living together peacefully. Shopping is OK. Lots of people visit Seattle for shopping. But there is a huge produce and food market on Granville Island.

    I'd live there in a second if it weren't so expensive...and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the US, as far as housing is concerned. I love Stanley park - a great place to walk. Like most cities there are high crime areas and low crime areas. I have only been through the airport in Montreal, so I can't give you a contrast opinion.

    I'd say go for it! You will be in a completely different setting, BIG mountains, islands, the ocean, a lot of different wildlife, a milder climate, and a new city to explore.
  4. I lived in Vancouver practically my whole life and I love it!! I'd like to put in my 2 cents for shopping....ok... it sucks....compared to the states. but its slowly getting better I guess!! It depends what you're in to, but Holt Renfrew is the major 'luxury department store' downtown and there is also Leone. i prefer holts. then downtown you have your boutiques gucci,versace, etc.......the best part is Hermes though

    need to go out now but if you have more questions feel free to pm xxx
  5. I've lived in vancouver my whole life and i think it's a good place to live. Shopping SUCKS but thats what the internet is for. Holts is the best store and then there are some good boutiques in yaletown and few places on west 4th. I would say it's a really safe city. I'm not a big partier so i can't help with the nightlife but my friends go clubbing and they always seem to have a blast.
    I live abt 15min (car ride) away from UBC and it's a nice area. I think u will like it here:smile: If u have anymore questions msg me:smile:
  6. Overall, Vancouver is a great city to live. Shopping is limited, but you can fine most of the stuff you want here or take a short drive to Seattle.

    Nightlife isn't too bad, there are a couple of places in downtown depending on what you're looking for. Crime rate isn't too bad compared to major cities and it's relatively safe (excluding certain areas). There are quite a bit of outdoor recreational activities if you like hiking, biking, canoing, etc. People are generally very friendly and helpful.

    Hands down though, we have some of the best view/scenery with lakes, mountains and trees.
    An important thing to consider about living in Vancouver is that housing has gone very high. Condominiums are on average about 400K and 2 storey homes are about 875K depending on location.. And if you're living near UBC which is located at the west end, homes are even more expensive. However, UBC is a wonderful campus and it practically has its own community with lots of energy.

    Hope that helps! And if you have any other questions, feel free to post away!
  7. Hmmm... I now live in Montreal, but a decade or so ago, I was in Vancouver and my parents were at UBC lol, it's like the exact opposite of you.
    I liked the shopping in Vancouver cuz the food was CHEAP and YUMMY! Housing on the other hand... is indeed much more expensive. However, it does depend on where you live, like, you can get a REALLY nice apartment for 700$ or if you plan to go to West Vancouver, be ready to shed a few million dollars for mansions. What SUCKED THE MOST WAS THE WEATHER!!! I HATED TO RAIN!!! basically whenever you wanted to go out, some unpredictable rain storm barges in the middle of your plans. I couldn't go out to buy candies, so I was pretty mad as a kid..... lol
  8. I remember that Vancouver had beautiful scenery and parks. It's a very walkable city and the public transportation is great. It's one of the only cities that has a boat as part of the public trans. system(you can transfer from bus to boat with no extra charge). Great hiking.

    The music scene and bar scene seems a bit behind to me, compared to other cities in the US such as NYC, SF, etc. It's getting there though.

    Food is great, and has a diverse international selection. One of the largest Chinatowns in this side of the world supposedly, although you may want to watch out for the homeless/druggies in that area. Cops tend to turn a blind eye to that type of behavior, unfortunately.
  9. i have been to vancouver a couple of times. my bf and i love it there because it is just a quick short drive to whistler for snowboarding. the streets are clean, the people are nice, shopping is okay (everything that is there, i can find in cali), the food is yummy and cheaper. i love richmond too because that is where they have all the asian shops and resturants.
  10. I live near Vancouver and I have to say its an amazing city!! Such beautiful scenery, nice friendly people, and a really diverse place to live. The nightlife is pretty fun, the shopping is better than most places in BC, but there are tons of other things to do too! Stanley Park is so nice to walk, and the whole city just feels alive. UBC is a great school too with a beautiful campus -- I don't think you would be disappointed if you moved to Vancouver