Vancouver vs. US Prices

  1. Can anyone tell me the price of a Speedy in Vancouver? Taxes in Vancouver? Is it cheaper than the US?
  2. The Speedy (both sizes) itself, excluding taxes, is cheaper in Canada. With taxes though...since in Vancouver (BC) it's like wha...14% or something? and in the US tax is around 6-9%, it MAY be cheaper in the US, although I'm not too sure though. I can guarantee though, most bags are cheaper in Alberta than anywhere in the US since we only pay 6% GST!! :party:
  3. the speedy 25's $640 with 13% tax (7% pst & 6% gst)
  4. a speedy 25 is $723.25 after tax.
  5. It really depends on how you're going to get the bag in the US. There're many ways you can purchase LV in the US without paying tax. If you can figure out a way to do so, it's definitely cheaper in the US.
  6. Are you sure? The Speedy 25 in USD is $595 and even adding 13% tax on the USD price it's over $640...
  7. oops..let me rephrase that... it's $640...BUT ADD ANOTHER 13% for tax... damn.. hate doing math, but here goes =$723.20
  8. The speedy 30 is $670 plus taxes (comes to a $758.xx CAD).