Vancouver sex trade group wins co-op status

  1. Reuters
    Friday, February 15 11:32 pm

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - A group of Canadian sex trade workers hoping to set up a legal "co-op" brothel in time for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver said on Friday they have won approval to incorporate themselves.

    The provincial government's designation of the group as a business co-operative is the first step in what organizers say will create a safer working environment for sex trade workers in the Pacific Coast city.

    "It defines a structure for us to work together as a community," said Susan Davis, a development co-ordinator for what will be called the West Coast Co-operative of Sex Industry Professionals.

    Brothels are illegal in Canada, but the country's prostitution laws have recently been challenged in the court as unconstitutional. Prostitution itself is legal, however solicitation, procuring or living off the avails of prostitution can land you in jail.

    The group hopes to win an exemption from Parliament by showing it would be safer to have prostitutes work in a single facility in Vancouver that they control, rather than plying their trade on the streets.

    The Conservative federal government has warned it will oppose the effort, which critics have said will only perpetuate the idea that prostitution is acceptable.

    It took the group six months to draft a business plan and bylaws for the organizations, but it had no trouble from the British Columbia provincial government getting incorporated, Davis said.

    "The very nature of a co-operative is that it will not do anything illegal, so there was no reason for them to deny us," Davis said, adding that getting incorporated will help show lawmakers that the group is serious.

    (Reporting Allan Dowd; Editing by Rob Wilson)

  2. does the olympics attract a big sex trade business? i am so naiive
  3. ^^^

    The don't call 'em a bobsled team for nuthin' !

  4. I am from here and doing something like this just makes the problem worse. Why go get a former education and waste money on tuition when your born with a good assets and get paid for doing it? Sh*t like this just makes society that much more complicated. Yes I understand its going to be done wether its legalized or not but legalizing it gives it the ok and people will start believing its not that bad and some girls may just turn to it for easier money.
  5. ^especially ones that don't come from good homes or difficult past who have been told that they would amount to anything. Tada you roll up to your next family reunion in a Cadillac ...
  6. I feel uncomfortable saying prostitution should be legalized.

    Although I can't really see a valid reason for keeping prostitution illegal, either. It seems to me that particular law is coming from a Puritanical point of view, and I think what people do in their private lives is their own business.

    But working girls in legallized brothels (like the ones in Nevada) seem happy and healthy. It's not a lifestyle that a girl should aspire to, but if it were the last resort, the legalized brothels seem like the most ideal.

    I think that if it were going to be legalized, it should be regulated.
  7. ^ I get what your trying to say, and it COULD work. But being in vancouver and with brothels and escorts and their company seem to be running just fine (people here just don't care to pay much attention to it). I don't understand what they want to achieve by doing this because escort companys are already legal here and a large number of them are more the just "Dinner company". Here in vancouver prostitutes are the drugged out bottom of the barrel ones,the escorts here live and work out of million dollar condos, or at least is supplied one. I am not too sure which one of the group is fighting for this but to the escorts it makes no different. Vancouver is kinda messed lol, its a beautiful city thoe!
  8. As we all know, this is the world's oldest profession, and IMO it should be legalized for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, to protect women from being brutalized and exploited by pimps. Second, to make sure that underage girls do not get sucked into the above scenario. Third, to monitor them for health and to make sure that HIV and other diseases are not spread. Fourth, I believe legal prostitution also protects women from harm from men who are their customers. The reason I say this is because we had over 60 women, many of them barely into their teens, murdered by the Green River serial killer here in Seattle. The reason he was able to get away with these horrendous crimes for years and years is because prostitution is illegal and many of the girls were runaways, underage, homeless, drug addicted or all four- and many went missing and no one noticed. Gary Ridgeway (the GRK) knew this and used this dynamic to hunt women, kill them and dump them. Last, I think that by regulating this trade you can tax it, and also control where and how the business is conducted. Prostitution has been legalized in many places. Most people think of Amsterdam, but it's also legal and very controlled in Vienna too. Austrians are one of the most conservative cultures out there, so IMO if they can do it, we should too. Its time for the women in this business to have some protection if you ask me.
  9. ^^ Good point, Roo. :yes:
  10. YES ! Legalization of prostitution, or at least in this case, a brothel (since prostitution is legal for "sole practitioners" anyways) means that there will be greater transparency in the system - so there can be more protection of women.

    There was actually a similar serial killer with the same type of target victims in Canada - Robert Pickton ( He was also based in Vancouver and the total is similarly, also possibly in the 60s (he's being tried for 29 murders I believe).

    Several government agencies recognize the legal status, e.g. the tax man (CRA) states that if you have a call girl business, those expenses can be deducted.. business is business. :graucho:
  11. Vancouver is one of North Americas largest areas for the sex trade business.
    There is a port, many wealthy people and large numbers of international business people visit Vancouver all the time. The number of people that will visit the Olympics will only create a larger market for this trade.
    Brothels have existed in Vancouver for at least 20 years now, they might as well get co-op status.
  12. ITA prostitution should be legalized. Its legal in many countries who have strict regulations on it. You don't have to be comfortable with it, but everyone has to make a living to support themselves.

  13. I really have to agree with you, Roo.
  14. Me too ;)