Vancouver/Seattle B-baggers meeting??

  1. After hearing the story about how Valerie, Roo and Tod met, and after much discussion on the Vancouver HR (and Barney's Seattle) thread from other Vancouverites and Seattlians (??), I am wondering whether we should plan an informal meeting of the "Vancouver/(possibly) Seattle chapter"? (If the Seattle people would be interested in coming to Vancouver?)
    When would be a good day for everyone (I'm thinking sometime in August, but maybe September is better?)?
    Where would we meet? What would we do?
    I thought I'd just throw this idea out there and see what kind of response I get, but I think it would be A LOT of fun to meet up! :smile: :biggrin:
  2. What a great idea! I am in Seattle and I actually should receive my Blueberry city any day now so I would like to introduce her to some others. I work Monday through Friday so Sat. or mid-day Sunday are the best for me.
    If this works we could alternate between Seattle and Vancouver, our own international diplomacy!
  3. ^^That would be super fun (b-bag road trip!)! Does a Sunday in August work for anyone else? Or would September be better?
  4. Count me in for the meeting! A sunday afternoon in August would work for me.
  5. August is a bad month for me- its Seafair time and also vacation month for us.
  6. We could do early September--let's see what the consensus is.
  7. Is anyone else interested?
  8. <bump>
  9. avery, too bad i live in texas. sounds like fun though.
  10. It does sound like fun -- such a great idea. Too bad I live in NY. Maybe we should have a NY meeting as well.
  11. yeah, at BNY. that would be cool!
  12. Where in Houston do you live esile? Just curious. :smile:
  13. My thoughts exactly!! BTW, I'm originally from Dallas.
  14. MY DH is from Dallas too.^
  15. Is there anyone else whose interested? I've received some additional emails, but I just want to make sure everyone in the area sees this.