Vancouver ladies..!

  1. please excuse me if these might end up being a really stupid questions.... :shame:

    1st Question)
    Holt's balenciaga used to be ridiculously priced, correct? but now it's somewhat around the same price range (give or take according to the currency exchange rate at the time) to the US, right? if i remember correctly the twiggy is now sold at $1250cad, so would that mean it's actually ok to buy balenciaga in canada now?

    2nd Question) French blue is from the 2007 pre-spring line right...? i've been eagerly waiting to see it IRL, but the other day i went i saw the Bleu Glacier already there... :confused1: isn't the Bleu Glacier supposed to be the 2007 Spring line...? are they just not going to have the French blue at all..? :crybaby:

    3rd Question)
    Anybody know the present and future stock for Balenciaga at Richard Kidd...? :p the last time i checked they said something about not ordering in motorcycle bags anymore... :cursing:

    i know i'm getting really left behind... it's hard living in the suburbs without a car... but SOON SOON i shall be moving back to downtown...!!

    TIA girls....!! :flowers:
  2. I'll try to answer your questions.

    1) I think some styles in Canada are priced better than others. For example the Day is priced at around $1195 which is good but the first is around $1495 while both are $995 USD. The Twiggy is another style that is priced like the Day. I don't know why they are priced like that. But I did notice that some things are being priced better now at Holts. And personally I would still buy at Holts because it's much easier and faster than having to deal with ordering from outside of Canada.

    2) Holts did order French Blue. They ordered Breif with GH and Part Time with GH in French Blue but I don't know if they ordered anything else in that colour. Vancouver Holts had some French Blue but sold it. You can ask if another store has it and they can ship it to Vancouver store.

    3) I don't know.

  3. I saved over $500 buying my city in the US compared to what it would have cost me to buy it at Holts in Vancouver (I went and picked it up). As for Richard Kidd, they aren't carrying Bal anymore because Holt's has it now.
    Good luck! ;)
  4. aw shucks.. :cursing:
    Canada sucks for bbags girls.... :push: *mutter*